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All are welcome at my studio and gallery, located in the West End of Downtown La Grange! Here, you can explore my creative process and enjoy thoughtfully curated artworks from talented local artists.

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My unique approach to custom commissions begins with authentic connection and transforms into a collaborative dialogue that invites you to be part of my creative journey.


I have been passionate about art and design for as long as I can remember, which drew me to a decade-long career in fashion design, marketing and merchandising. Whether it is in your wardrobe or your home, I am a huge proponent of finding and growing your own unique voice over conforming to mass trends.

Lizzie SelleHow she got started

I don’t take this gift for granted and savor every opportunity to collaborate with my clients to create something truly remarkable. My work is strongly rooted in the aesthetics of joy and my greatest pleasure is creating custom artwork that inspires and lifts my clients’ spirits every day.

Lizzie SelleThe importance of client relationships

West End Gallery by Lizzie Selle

I established the West End Gallery to help other local artists thrive. Housed within Lizzie Selle Studio, this cozy gallery features a curated selection of works from both emerging and established artists.

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