About Lizzie Selle

Lizzie Selle is an abstract artist, art curator and the founder of Lizzie Selle Studio and the West End Gallery in downtown La Grange. Fueled by her deep passion for art and design as a powerful means of connection, she has built a thriving community that supports and empowers the local art community.  

After spending the first decade of her career as a fashion designer, marketer and graphic designer, Lizzie began to paint as a part of a long healing journey following a car accident in 2019 that left her with a traumatic brain injury and chronic pain. She blends energizing colors with rich textures to spark moments of joy to inspire hope and celebrate resiliency.  Lizzie Selle Studio and The West End Gallery, which opened its doors in La Grange in March 2023, showcases her original artwork as well as artwork from local artists in a cozy, home-like atmosphere. 

Lizzie believes that original art has the power to transform the energy of a space.  Collaborating with clients and designers across the Western Suburbs, Lizzie seeks to breathe new life into spaces through an engaging, personalized art curation process where you always feel heard.  You can schedule an appointment to visit the studio and gallery Monday-Saturday to enjoy and shop artwork from my broad network of talented local artists.  Lizzie's team also offers the convenience of bringing artwork that resonates directly to your home, allowing you to see how the pieces fit and complement your space before making any investment.  If needed, we allow a 48 hour period for you to live with artwork before you make your final decision.  We offer original artworks in a wide variety of mediums and styles as well as fine art print options to accommodate many budgets. Lizzie warmly welcome children to visit the gallery and there are always coloring activities available to my curious and creative young visitors.  

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All are welcome at my studio and gallery, located in the West End of Downtown La Grange! Here, you can explore my creative process and enjoy thoughtfully curated artworks from talented local artists.

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