Lizzie Selle Studio

"Bright Spots 1" Original Artwork in 22"x26" Vintage Frame


SOLD OUT “Bright Spots I,” 22”x26,” Acrylic and oil pastels on watercolor paper in vintage frame with silk mat and anti-reflective glass.

“Bright Spots” is a new body of work that delves into my journey of finding moments of joy and healing amidst the relentless struggle of chronic pain. Through a therapeutic exploration of shapes and gestures, vibrant hues of warm and cool tones intermingle. Like pieces of a puzzle, I carefully organize each unique gesture to find balance, peace and beauty amidst chaos and unpredictability. As I build energy and movement, the tension in my body begins to melt away in a cathartic process of letting go. The resulting pieces exude joy, energy, light and hope while embracing uniqueness as an integral part of the whole.

Contact Lizzie at or 952-270-1421 for "Bright Spots" Commission Inquiries!