Lizzie Selle Studio

"Joyful Connections" Original Art Framed in 16x20 Aluminum Brass - Lavender Swish


"Joyful Connections" Original Gestural Studies in 16x20 aluminum brass frame with custom 8ply museum rag gallery mat.

Lizzie's "Joyful Connections" collection is a vibrant mosaic of blissful hues and delicious textures that celebrates resilience and the undeniable power of joy and community.  These gestural studies have become Lizzie's voice and a way she connects to her community during periods of isolation from chronic, debilitating migraines.  

Lizzie paints in a meditative state, fully present in each moment of joy and comfort amidst her pain. Framed in sleek aluminum brass and set against custom, museum-quality mats, the art's depth and vibrancy are magnified, forging an intimate connection with the viewer. Lizzie curates her “Joyful Expression” studies into custom groupings that embody her clients’ unique style and serve as a reminder of the healing power of art, joy and community. 

Interested in a curated gallery wall grouping for your space?  Contact Lizzie to get the process started at 952-270-1421 or!